Welcome to the Centre for Learning and Teaching

The Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT) aims to cultivate and promote research and scholarship in the area of learning and teaching.

  • To act as a national and international centre of excellence in learning and teaching
  • To conduct research and scholarly activities related to learning and teaching
  • To bridge research collaborations and consultancy services related to learning and teaching (both nationally and internationally)
  • To foster excellence and innovation in education both nationally and internationally
The provision of a platform for research and scholarly activities and producing excellent researchers in the fields of learning and teaching across disciplines.

Motto of the Research Centre:
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" 
                                                                                                   - Nelson Mandela

Welcome Message from the Centre Chairperson

Education plays a vital role to change the world. When a society is educated, there is a great allocation and productive efficiency with rapid rates of development. Hence, the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT) was established to assure research excellence in all dimension of educational related research namely in pedagogical, assessment and evaluation, technology education, curriculum development and etc.

To date, CLT has 60 members (including full and associate members). Research area of CLT members include research on language and linguistic, technology education, digital learning, teaching and learning strategies, assessment in education and etc. Members also actively involves in the multi-disciplinary projects with other universities locally and internationally as well as actively involves in Knowledge Transfer Program such as giving motivational talks, conducted workshops for the primary and secondary school students.

With the efforts and continuous support from the members and UTAR, I believe that CLT will be able to boost up the research and collaboration with industry and society, leading to national and international recognition. On behalf of CLT, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to those who have contributed towards the growth of CLT. We always look forward to have more collaboration from you. Thank you.

Warmest Regards,

Asst. Prof. Dr. Wei Chooi Yi

Chairperson of Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT), UTAR